Everything was headed in Pittsburgh's favor, until that fateful coin flip determined that the Broncos would be the first team with the ball in overtime. Although the new overtime rules state that both teams get a possession, one of the exceptions to end the game early is if a team scores a touchdown.

With that in mind, Tim Tebow didn't waste any time, sending a play-action pass to stiff arm specialist Demaryius Thomas for an 80-yard game-winning touchdown. The Broncos, who had 447 yards of total offense, beat last year's Super Bowl losers 29-23. Tebow miraculously threw for 316 yards tonight, as in John 3:16. We don't know if it's more incredible that he threw for over 300 yards, or that his stats coincidentally matched up with a Bible verse. Thomas also had his biggest game of the season and his young career with 204 yards on just four catches. 

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