In this week's edition of Video: The 5 Biggest Sports Fails of the Weekend, we'll try and bridge the gap between the professional athlete and the casual player. What do we mean by that? Well, we're glad you asked. For many reasons, we are not in the position of these famous sports icons. Please don't hit us with your high school glory days stories. So, whenever we can bring these star athletes down a notch and show them as actually human beings, we can take comfort in knowing that our airball jumpshots aren't that embarrassing because at least we didn't do it on live TV. But we can't say the same for Charlotte's DeSagana Diop who failed to even graze the net on his charity stripe attempt or Jimmer Fredette of the Kings who badly missed a wide-open three-pointer to win the game. Whew! For once in our lives, we can be happy to not be in their shoes.