First, we need to give all the non-soccer fans out there a little bit of background. Frenchman Samir Nasri originally joined Arsenal in 2008. His first two seasons were average, but in his third, he scored 15 goals and found himself on the Premier League Team of the Season. With an expiring contract looming in the summer of 2012 and high-paying offers from Manchester City, Nasri refused to sign an extension. 

In August of 2011, he signed a new four-year contract with City with the belief that the fans there were much more passionate and that Manchester City was the "club of the future." Gunners fans, of course, took offense and saw him as a disrespectful sellout.

Fast-forward to this afternoon, when Liverpool took out City 1-0 in a Carling Cup semi-final. It was the team's second straight home loss, and Nasri was not happy after the game. Two Liverpool fans noticed him driving alone and decided to give him some not-so-nice verbal criticism. While driving, the two fans convince the 24-year-old to roll down his window, just so they can tell him that he never should have left Arsenal. He responded with, "top of the league" before speeding off. If this were somebody like Mario Balotelli, we'd encourage that kind of reaction, but everybody else just needs to learn to deal with unruly fans. 

[via The Original Winger]

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