To be fair, Carlos Boozer's son looks like he's pretty young. He can't be more than, what, 8 or 9 years old? So, he likely just got caught up in the moment here. After all, he's still just a kid. And kids like to cheer things in unison with other people.

Unfortunately, though, Boozer's son looked like a complete sellout last night when he got caught by ABC's cameras cheering against his dad and the Bulls by joining in with the Miami crowd's "Let go Heat!" chant. And the disloyalty was not lost on ABC's analysts, who reviewed a tape of the transgression and called him out for doing it.

"If I'm pops and I'm watching this film, if my kid is yelling, 'Let's go Heat,' like we just saw, I've got a problem," Jeff Van Gundy said. "You can't go against pop's team."

We agree. But if that was foul, we've gotta call a technical foul on his friend sitting next to him. You're wearing a Bulls jersey, lil' homie! So you are definitely not allowed to cheer for the Heat, okay? Pssssssshhhhhhh....These kids today. No respect.

[via Eye On Basketball]

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