If you didn't think life could get any better for Tim Tebow right now, think again. The guy beat the Steelers on Sunday in one of the most-watched NFL playoff games of the last 25 years. He broke a Twitter record by causing 9,420 tweets per second (including these!) after throwing a touchdown to Demaryius Thomas in overtime of the game. And now comes the news that, due to a clause in his contract, Tebow will get an extra $250,000—yep, 250 thousand bucks!—put directly into his pocket as an added bonus for winning the playoff game. And, if he wins against the Patriots on Sunday? Another $250,000. And, the AFC Championship Game? Another $250,000. And, the Sup...Oh, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Let's just say that life is good for Tim Tebow right now, just in case you haven't noticed.

[via ESPN]

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