Magic Johnson

Sport: NBA
Years: 1979-1991, 1996
By the time the '80s rolled around, athletes were finding out that large contracts weren't their only source of income. For some, money made through endorsements outweighed that made through lucrative contracts. Unfortunately, this resulted in many athletes being tight-lipped for fear that they might lose out on sponsors who didn't agree with their political views. Magic was one of the most beloved players in the league in this era when he was diagnosed with HIV in 1991. Since then, he's used his fame, money, and power to bring awareness to the disease across the globe and specifically in black communities.

But his political activism wasn't just limited to the topic of AIDS prevention, after retirement, he also has worked to bring large corporations (Starbucks, AMC Theaters, etc.) to urban neighborhoods in an effort to create jobs. As a result he's become one of the richest athletes in sports history. Homie is definitely a legend in two games. No Pee Wee Kirkland.

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