Another week, another new No. 1. Yeah, maybe we should've been on the Thunder bandwagon sooner, but we were really, really worried about the whole Durant-Westbrook chemistry issue. Yeah. Right. Sure, Russell might go hamster every once in a while and take a shot or 15 too many; he's going to more than make up for it the rest of the time, so GTFOH with the beef mess.

In more mundane news, check these home/road splits: Lakers, 10-2/2-7; Spurs, 10-1/2-8; Utah, 9-3/2-4; Philly, 10-2/4-4. Clearly, the lockout-induced wacky schedule is affecting old some teams more than others, and beware of squads that are off to hot starts based on unbalanced schedules. Also, beware of the Knicks, we think they might have leprosy. All this and more in the Complex NBA Power Rankings.