4. Shaq & Kobe: The Comeback

Date: 6/4/2000

Who knows what would've happened if they lost this. Kobe could've been traded. Or maybe Shaq would've just killed him. After hiring Phil Jackson that summer, the Lakers tore off 67 wins, with Shaq earning his first scoring title and MVP along the way. Everyone presumed their troubles were behind them and prepared to watch L.A. march towards its first title in years. Then it happened. They blew a 3-1 series lead in the Western Conference Finals to a talented Blazers squad. Making matters worse, in Game 7, the Blazers held a 15-point lead entering the fourth quarter and the only question was who would be blamed for this implosion. But the Lakers rallied for the biggest playoff comeback in NBA history and an unforgettable play to cement their victory. The drama was far from over, but neither was their winning.