35. Minneapolis Lakers Survive Plane Crash

Date: 1/18/1960

Everything might have been—and very well should've been—different after this moment. No Los Angeles, no Baylor, no West, no Wilt, no Kareem, no Magic, no Shaq, no Kobe and ultimately, no titles. The prestige of the purple & gold would be lost, replaced with an eternally ominous cloud of bad luck. Or maybe there would be no team at all. Instead, they landed in a corn field. In 1960, the Minneapolis Lakers battled a harrowing blizzard and an electrical failure on board their team plane that forced an emergency landing on a small field in Carroll, Iowa. Everyone walked away unscathed. Were it not for that cornfield, the plane would've presumably found a far less comfortable landing and altered the course of NBA history. In recognition of the miracle's 50th anniversary, the Lakers donated $25,000 to build an outdoor court on that very same spot.