37. Kobe Scores 62 Points in 3 Quarters

Date: 12/20/2005

At the peak of his powers, with an unrivaled arsenal and a permanent green light, Kobe Bryant seemed capable of taking on the world in 2006. On this night, however, he'd have to settle for the Mavs. Already cooking with 35 first half points, Kobe stepped things up a notch after taking exception to a flagrant foul from Josh Howard. It seems that a franchise with such a soft reputation as Dallas that year would know better than to provoke a attack from the league's premier scorer. But in case they ever forget, a quick look at the record book will serve as a reminder. For the first time in NBA history, an entire team was outscored by a single player through three quarters. Kobe Bryant: 62, Mavericks: 61.