Everyone from the players to coaches to managers would tell you that sustaining injuries is just a part of the game. Any pulled muscle or torn ligament is to be expected when you're giving your all on the field of play. But what about those rare instances when an athlete performs some mundane, ordinary task and suffers a random injury? Such was the case this week for Los Angeles Kings forward Dustin Penner who injured his back while sitting down to eat pancakes.

But Penner is far from the first and won't be the last athlete to hurt himself in such a ridiculous manner. From pitcher Charlie Hough breaking his pinky finger during a handshake to Alex Stepney dislocating his jaw from screaming at his teammates to Sammy Sosa's "sneeze heard 'round the world," the people on this list got hurt for all the wrong reasons. So, on a day like Friday the 13th where you may want to be extra careful, here are The 25 Freakiest Sports Injuries of All Time.