25. McDaniels vs. Cutler

Dumbass Move By: Josh McDaniels and the Broncos Front Office
Date: 2009

A couple years before Tim Tebow came to town and started miraculously winning games for the Broncos there was the Jay Cutler trade fiasco. In something straight out of a soap opera, word got out that head coach Josh McDaniels (former Pats offensive coordinator) was in trade talks with New England to acquire Matt Cassell for Cutler in a three-team deal. Well, that didn't work out and Cutler's feelings were hurt (SMH, some QBs are softer than kickers). After a conference call between McDaniels, Cutler, and the Broncos front office patch things up so Cutler sold his home and requested a trade. The Broncos fulfilled his request sending Cutler and a fifth-round pick to the Bears in exchange for Kyle Orton along with two first and one third-round picks. The Broncos used one of those picks on Tebow and Orton was released from the team last week after spending months on the bench. We're pretty sure the Broncos fans will have a more detailed account in the New Testament.