14. Nets Trade Dr. J For $3 Million

Dumbass Move By: Roy Boe
Date: 10/20/1976
New York has been strong arming Jersey for the longest. Sports is no exception. When the NBA and ABA had their merger in 1976, the Nets had to pay a number of fees, one of the biggest being $4.8 million to the Knicks for "invading their NBA territory." Nets owner Roy Boe had already promised Julius Erving a raise in salary but steep fines prevented the team from being able to do so and as a result Dr. J refused to play. The Nets offered Erving to the Knicks in exchange for waving the fee but they refused (FAIL!). Shortly afterward the Sixers offered $3 million for Erving and the Nets had no choice but to take the deal to relieve some financial strain. Soundtrack, please!