Date: 1/5/2003
Game and Outcome: NFC Wild Card Playoffs: San Francisco 49ers 39, New York Giants 38
More important than the kicker making good contact with the ball is making sure you have a good snap. A bad snap offsets everything from the the placekicker's timing, to making sure the holder gets the ball in the right place. Such was the case here for the New York Giants, who signed 41-year-old Trey Junkin out of retirement less than a week before the game. The result? Exactly what you think would happen when you sign a guy in his 40s named Trey Junkin to do such a job. Junkin had already botched on snap in the fourth quarter which caused Matt Bryant to miss and his failed snap in OT didn't even give him a chance. What happens next either can be called a fail by the refs, the Niners, or Giants. Maybe all three.