It hasn't been a good week for kickers. Actually, when has it ever been? They don't really get any credit when they're accurate, and when they screw up, everyone jumps down their throats. Such was the case this week for Stanford freshman Jordan Williamson, who missed three field goals (including two game-winners) in Stanford's Fiesta Bowl loss to Oklahoma State. If that wasn't enough, Virginia Tech's third stringer Justin Myer, missed a potential game-winner in OT and had another blocked in the Hokies' Sugar Bowl loss to Michigan last night.

But those young'ns aren't the first and will certainly not be the last kickers to feel the wrath of angry fans. From the kicks that kept Boise State out of national championship contention in back-to-back seasons to the reason why Scott Norwood is (or should be) in the Witness Protection Program, here are the 20 Worst Missed Field Goals of All Time.