24. "Dewey Defeats Truman!"

Who: Onward State and CBS Sports
Offending Tweet: @Onward_State: "Our sources can now confirm: Joseph Vincent Paterno has passed away tonight at the age of 85."
Date: 1/21/2012
Consequence: Apologized and the resignation of their managing editor.

With better technology available than ever before, news outlets are breaking stories faster than ever previously imagined. But sometimes that same advantage can come back to bite us in the ass. Such was the case for Penn State's student news organization Onward State, who reported that Joe Paterno had died on Saturday evening, a report which was later refuted by members of the Paterno family. Onward State's report was picked up by major news organizations such as CBSSports.com and The Guardian. Devon Edwards, who was the acting managing editor at the time, said their report was based on an email they received that was reportedly sent to Penn State football players saying Paterno had died. It turns out that email was a hoax. Joe Paterno was officially reported having passed away the following morning, but the embarrassment for all organizations who ran with the story is still being felt. It's always a good feeling to bust...not if it's done prematurely though. Ayo!