70. Lifestyles of the Young and Reckless

Who: Will Hill, Florida Gators
Offending Tweet: @Trill_SG: "I need a bitch wit some fire head come thru suck me off and dnt let no nut hit the bed straight swallow .... SOUR"
Date: 2/11/2011
Consequence: Not selected in 2011 Draft, currently grinding for the Arizona Rattlers

It wasn't just one or a couple tweets that got Will Hill some undesired attention, it was pretty much his entire Twitter feed. Dude covered all of the student athlete essentials like hos, blowjobs, weed, hos, babies and their broken limbs, and hos. The safety who went to Florida as one of the top recruited college athletes in the nation didn't do much for the Gators, recording just four interceptions in three seasons with the team. He entered the 2011 NFL Draft but was not selected. See, you don't start fucking up till AFTER you get the big rookie contract. Word to JaMaracus.

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