8. Be Confused and From Out of Town

Complex Says: Note that this one won't work in states like Kentucky, where you'll get pulled over just for being out of state. The trick to this one is to not do 130 in the first place. If you get pulled over for doing 70 in a 55 zone, tell the officer you're from out of state. Say that you thought it was a 65mph zone. He's likely to just give you a warning and tell you to be more careful. Act a little shocked that you were going 15 over. You're trying to paint a picture of yourself as the guy everybody hates, who's doing 56 in a 55 and won't get out of the left lane. Remember that if you're driving a car that's registered to you in the state where you're driving, he'll know where you live and how long you've had a car registered in the state. If you try this two miles from your apartment where you've lived for 13 years, you will surely get a ticket.