When Arizona Cardinals fan Jerry Martin put a pair of game-worn NFL cleats on eBay last week, he was just trying to do what millions of other Americans do everyday—make a profit off an investment he made a few years ago. Problem is, the profit he tried to make was a little too large for some peoples' liking and came across as completely classless. So, what exactly did he do? He put a pair of cleats that were once worn and autographed by former NFL player/war hero Pat Tillman up on eBay—for $3.2 million!

"Out of respect for the Tillman family, I didn't even put the shoes up for auction for years," he told the New York Post over the weekend. "But now I'm hoping that someone will enjoy these and cherish them as much as I do."

Of course, he only wants that special someone to enjoy them if they're willing to pony up the right amount of cash. The highest offer (so far) came in at around $7,000. But Martin says he's not budging for anything less than a mill. SMH. First, someone tried to sell tickets to Joe Paterno's memorial service for almost six figures, and now this? Have we no shame, people?

[via New York Post]

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