We know that Rihanna attended the Clippers/Heat game at the Staples Center on Wednesday night. But what we didn't realize when we pointed it out was that Rih-Rih was actually supposed to be in a different part of Los Angeles that night. You see, the People's Choice Awards were on Wednesday night as well. And Rihanna was nominated for the Favorite Pop Artist award and actually won the Favorite R&B Artist category. But, she didn't get to collect her trophy or tell all of her fans how much she loves them. Why? Well, because she was at a Clippers game! Duuuuuuuh! Do you think she'd miss that for some silly awards show?

Seriously, though: If you didn't think the Clips were on the come-up before, what do you think now? Not only did Rihanna attend a game (and drink a beer while she was there!). She also skipped out on an awards show that was in the same exact city to be there. Pretty incredible, if you ask us.

[via Ball Don't Lie]

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