Nothing would make us happier than seeing Rasheed Wallace playing in the NBA again. Okay, that's a lie. A date with Derek Jeter's girl Minka Kelly, five minutes alone with Gina Carano, or, hell, even just the end of Tebowmania would probably make us happier than a Rasheed Wallace comeback. But seeing 'Sheed strap on his Air Force Ones again would still be great nonetheless. And it sounds like it might actually happen.

According to a Yahoo! Sports report, Wallace is mulling over the idea of returning to the NBA after sitting last season out. He's apparently been working out and asking some of his NBA pals where he should play if he does come back. And his agent also recently told Yahoo! Sports that "as a veteran player, [Wallace] knows what it takes to be reinstated," which basically means, "Don't be surprised to see dude balling again before the end of February."

So, who could use him? The Lakers? The Heat? Some other championship contender? Who knows. Just please—please!—don't sign with the old-ass Celtics or the craptastic Pistons. See you soon, 'Sheed.

[via Yahoo! Sports]

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