Lotus is at a cross-roads right now. Danny Behar is abandoning founder Colin Chapman's crusade for lightweight sports cars right when competitors like Alfa Romeo are catching on and dreaming up cars like the 4C, a profit hasn't been turned in years, and investors in Malaysian government controlled Proton are urging the company to sell off the under-performing Lotus brand. 

When the, in our opinion, inevitable sale of Lotus does come it's looking like one of the Chinese auto companies might snatch it up, we would prefer to see the company get back to its roots. If Aston Martin were to secure the capitol to purchase Lotus there would be plenty of tech the two could share with one another, and efficient lightweight sports cars like the 46mph Lotus Elise could help Aston to meet CAFE standards without having to resort to the Cygnet, which is an embarrassment to all. All of this talk regarding Lotus being a competitor to Ferrari would have to stop, but it should anyway. Lotus is about lightweight cars, not excessive power.

[via Inside Line]