For as much as sports fans love football, is there anything worse than sitting down and trying to watch the NFL Pro Bowl? Unlike baseball, basketball, hockey, and just about every other sport in the world, football just isn't the same when guys are playing an exhibition game. The NFL apparently realizes that—and realizes that they need to give you a reason to watch the 2012 NFL Pro Bowl—so they've revealed that they will allow players participating in the game to tweet during it this year. 

So, does that mean we can expect to see Aaron Rodgers carrying an iPhone around in the pocket or Steve Smith tweeting from the end zone as part of a touchdown celebration? Not quite. The NFL will not allow players to use cell phones. Rather, they're reportedly going to set up one computer station on each sideline for players to use. It might not make the action on the field any better. But at least it'll give us a reason to tune into the game for five minutes on Sunday to see how it works.

Now, let's just hope none of the tweets that come from either sideline end up on this list.

[via NESN]

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