Once the stats started piling up and the legend of the "Silk City Salsa" touchdown celebration continued to garner nationwide attention, it seemed that an invite to "Dancing with the Stars" was bound to happen for the Giants' Victor Cruz. On Friday, the long-awaited offer was finally sent out but after realizing the very demanding schedule, Cruz just couldn't accept.

Two reasons, in particular, stood in the way of the Giants receiver from joining DWTS. The first issue was strenuous time commitment from March to "June or May or something like that." Then, there was the rigors of practice. "They said it was like 20 hours a week or something like that. I was like, 'I'm not down, I'm not down with that.' We're in the postseason, that's like 18 weeks. I've had enough practice." While Vic has declined the opportunity this time around, he hasn't completely ruled out the show in the future. "Maybe a few years."   

[via New York Daily News]

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