Admittedly, we missed the Miss America 2012 Pageant on Saturday night. We were glued to The Tim Tebow Show the Broncos/Patriots game all night, in spite of how bad it was. Note to the Miss America producers: Please schedule the pageant on a night that doesn't feature an NFL game next year!

Anyway, from what we've heard, Miss Wisconsin Laura Kaeppeler ended up winning the competition. And, as a way of appealing to all the sports fans out there, she also introduced herself to the audience at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, by giving a shout-out to one of her hometown heroes. "If you're watching, Aaron Rodgers," she said, "call me!"

At the time, Rodgers was a very busy man. But thanks to Hakeem Nicks, his schedule has suddenly opened up. So, Ms. Kaeppeler might wanna keep her phone by her for the next few days. Ya know, just in case.

[via Black Sports Online]

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