So far, we have the following cars from Mini: the Cooper, the Clubman, The Convertible, the Countryman, the Roadster, the Coupe, and the Rocketman is coming soon. Regardless of the fact that they're all the same damn thing Mini is pushing ahead and adding three more bodystyles by the end of the decade to make for a grand total of ten. Yup, ten of the same car at wildly different price points. By 2025 there will be rumors going around of Mini semis and Mini bulldozers at this rate. 

The three bodystyles that can be expected by 2020 are who the hell knows what. If we had to guess we'd say it would be a MiniVan, a Mini Pickup (like that stupid Smart concept), and a Mini open air off-roader like the Beachcomber (pictured above). What idiotic variant will come after those, nobody knows. We think they should call them "Blue Steel," "Le Tigre," and "Magnum."

[via Auto News]