In what may be the first case of confession via license plate Kim Dotcom AKA Kim Schmitz AKA Kimble, the founder of who once gained notoriety as a hacker convicted of a laundry list of crimes including credit card fraud, insider trading, and embezzlement was arrested in Auckland, NZ earlier today and charged with violating piracy laws after having his site shut down. Schmitz, who has been known to take part in the Gumball 3000 (think a real-life version of Cannonbal Run), and introduced to the world his "Megacar" (a Mercedes-Benz which combined 16 GSM modules to provide mobile broadband Internet access) in 1999 is apparently an avid car enthusiast and has vanity plates reading: "Good," "Evil," "CEO," "God," "Stoned," "Mafia," "Hacker," and ironically enough "Guilty" on his many cars. We're sure he's probably kicking himself over that last, but we hope the guy the best of luck.

via Fast Company