Holy shit. We're still a week away from Super Bowl XLVI...and we've already exhausted all of the possible "Tom Brady vs. Eli Manning" arguments? We must have. Otherwise, why in the world is this story involving Brady, Manning, and cheating spouses making headlines right now? D'ah well. With nine days left 'til the big game, it'll do.

So, here goes: According to a recent poll done by AshleyMadison.com, 54 percent of married women say that they'd rather have an affair with Manning than Brady. That's right. Despite Brady's supermodel wife, his Uggs endorsement, and his sweet, sweet hair, it appears that Manning has beaten Brady again. Reason being? They like Manning's "boy next door" good looks (no doubt, the puzzled look gets 'em every time!) and think he'd be "less of a hothead" than Brady.

So, what did we learn here? That the Super Bowl needs to hurry up and get here. QUICKLY! 'Cause we're not sure how much more of this "Brady vs. Manning" stuff we can take.

[via Shutdown Corner]

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