Just because you record (over the phone no less) the intro for a battle rapper's diss record, doesn't mean you co-sign every line on the song. But if you already have a history of beefing with your very talented teammate, maybe you should make sure your rhyming pal doesn't take shots at him.

Kevin Durant recently recorded the aforementioned intro to D.N.A.'s track "NBA Money." D.N.A. name drops a number of current and former NBA players, starting with a definite diss aimed at LeBron James ("Man all y'all n*ggas pussy to me/I don't think y'all want it/You LeBron with the Heat/Too small for it"), and a sideways shot at Durant's Oklahoma City Thunder teammate Russell Westbrook ("I had your baby mom lovin' how her breasts look/Once I bag her I'ma never pass/I'm Westbrook"). Again, we're thinking there's about a 1% chance Durant knew D.N.A. would be taking a shot at Westbrook, but he might want to think twice the next time somebody asks him to record an intro over the phone.

[via I Am a GM]

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