Kenny Smith, yes, the Kenny Smith that currently works on TNT, has a beautiful daughter that is trying to make it as a musician. Her name is Kayla Brianna, and we are here to present her first music video titled "If You Love Me." Here are a few observations: 

1. Girl actually has a pretty decent voice. 
2. It seems like she's been studying Willow Smith with all that hair whipping.
3. Wait, are we really sure that's Kenny Smith's daughter!?
4. That dude really looks like a mix between Chris Brown and Chris Brown's look-a-like in the Rihanna video "We Found Love." She better not be steppin' on Ri-Ri's territory. 
5. She's really, really good at pointing. Must have picked it up from all those year of watching her dad directing his offense. 

She's already signed to Interscope Records and has been endorsed by George Lopez, Chris Rock, Ice Cube, and Kobe Bryant, so she's well on her way to making a name for herself. If you're into it, go to her website and show her some love. 

[via Yardbarker]

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