Yo, somebody in J.R. Smith's camp has gotta get his sister to chill. Like, seriously. Because for the second time in the month of January—or, more accurately, for the second time in the last three weeks—Stephanie Smith has gotten into an altercation with Chinese basketball fans at a Chinese Basketball Association game. This time, Smith's Zhejiang Golden Bulls were playing the Tianjin Ronggang Golden Lions when he got fouled and went to the free throw line in the third quarter. A few Tianjin fans started heckling Smith as he prepared to take his free throws and one threw Thunderstix onto the court. At that time, Smith's girlfriend reportedly got into a shoving match with fans, while Stephanie threw up a middle finger at the crowd.

Stephanie later took to her Twitter account and tried to blame everything on the fans who were heckling her brother. And we don't doubt for a second that that happened. But, yo: These incidents involving Smith's sister are making him look really, really bad. So she needs to either find a way to keep the peace at games no matter what the CBA fans do—or start watching them from her hotel room. Either way, we're sure J.R. can't wait to be back in the NBA. For him, this CBA season can't end soon enough.

[via Deadspin]

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