At this point, the Zhejiang Golden Bulls—the team that signed J.R. Smith to a contract during the NBA lockout last year—is essentially holding the former Nuggets star hostage. We know dude willingly signed a contract that said he couldn't return to the NBA until March when the Chinese Basketball Association season is over. But, c'mon: It's pretty obvious that he doesn't want to be there. And we can't imagine that he's bringing in droves of Chinese fans to see him play. So, why doesn't the team just let him go?

If that's not a compelling enough argument, maybe this latest incident involving Smith and his sister will help. During a game against the Bayi Rockets the other night—yes, that's the same team that got into a melee with the Georgetown Hoyas last August—Smith drew a hard foul. And his sister, who was in the crowd, didn't like it. So she allegedly threw a bottle onto the court, choked a Chinese woman who was sitting nearby, shoved an 80-year-old, and, well, acted like a damn fool in the stands and delayed the game.

Whew. If that doesn't get the Golden Bulls to release Smith, we don't know what will. Yo, J.R.: You better throw your sis a couple dollars if you get outta this contract early. 'Cause from the looks of things, she definitely just helped you out.

[via Deadspin]