It always seemed like recently canned Kansas City Chiefs coach Todd Haley was a really uptight dude—refusing to shake the hand of former Broncos coach Josh McDaniels; complaining about Ravens coach John Harbaugh running up the score in a preseason game—but maybe Haley had good reason to feel a little angsty: He thought the GM of his own team was tapping his personal cell phone and bugging team headquarters.

An extensive article in today's Kansas City Star details a culture of paranoia under Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli. According to current and former K.C. employees, Pioli, who cut his teeth as Bill Belichick's right hand man in New England, runs an organization that makes coach Chopped Hoodie's Patriots "Spygate" regime look laissez-faire in comparison (at least Belichick was spying on the other guys), where everything from the proper entrances and exits for the team gym to emails and phone calls are monitored. Haley was so shook that he attempted to conduct phone interviews from secret lines. The result? A 21-27 record in the Pioli era.

[via Kansas City Star]

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