Okaaaaaaay, Matt Barnes. We see you. Things didn't work out with what's-her-name from Basketball Wives, so you're trying to holler at Miss "What's My Name."

Last night, Rihanna attended the Lakers game against the Grizzlies at the Staples Center. The Lake Show played well and won. And at around midnight, Barnes took to his Twitter account to personally thank Rih-Rih for showing up.

"thx for coming to the game 2night," he wrote to @Rihanna. "u MIGHT be good luck!!! Hahaa."

Yeah, we see you, son. Trying to plant that seed. And we can't even be mad at you. Though, we do have to ask: Shouldn't you be more focused on, ya know, the game than who's in the Staples Center crowd? D'ah well. Good luck with whatever you're trying to do over there.

[via Terez Owens]