Chad Ochocinco didn't do much for his New England Patriots teammates this season. Through 16 regular season games, he contributed just 15 receptions, 276 yards, and a single touchdown to the team's 13-3 record. But after what he did this weekend, they can't say that he hasn't done anything for them this year.

To help the Pats tune out all of the unnecessary noise in the week leading up to Super Bowl XLVI, Ochocinco bought 70 pairs of Beats By Dre headphones and distributed them to his teammates before they took their trip to Indianapolis yesterday to begin their preparations for the big game. And at roughly $400 a pop, that comes to a grand total of $28,000 for the gesture.

Nice move, Ocho. Now let's hope the investment gets some balls thrown your way (pause) during the big game this weekend.

[via Shutdown Corner]

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