This man from the Bronx, who has the fantastic name of Vincent Ferrari, by the way, filmed a stop sign for 25 minutes and saw 41 of 43 drivers coast or just blow through the sign. He then goes on to rant about how obsessed the city council is with bicycles right now and how 180lbs of biker plus bike rolling through a stop is about 20 times less important than a car doing the same thing. 

We do think his rant touches on two very importan points. Firstly, there's no point in making new laws to deal with a problem when the existing one's aren't being enforced. Secondly, traffic policing is most important in residential neighborhoods. We would rather see every 25mph speed limit near schools, homes, and pedestrian heavy areas in the country mercilessly enforced than the arbitrary 55-80mph interstate speed limits. Police, on the other hand, seem to watch over the interstate system almost exclusively. 

Also, the music was perfect... and try to keep at least one hand on the wheel, dude.

[via The Gothamist]