BMW M Performance has unveiled four models today: the M550d X-Drive, the M550d X-Drive Touring, the X5 M50d, and the X6 M50d. All of these models are powered by a tri-turbo inline six that produces 376hp and a tractor like 545 ft-lbs of torque. Along with these newly tuned engines these cars will get the M treatment of tight handling, big wheels, and upgraded, sporty interiors. It all sounds great thus far, but you won't be able to form a real opinion without the specs, so without further ado:

M550d X-Drive Sedan - 4.7 second 0-62, 155mph top speed, 37.33mpg
M550d X-Drive Touring - 4.9 second 0-62, 155mph top speed, 36.75mpg
X5 M50d - 5.4 second 0-62, 155mph top speed,  31.36mpg
X6 M50d - 5.3 second 0-62, 155mph top speed, 30.54mpg

Here's the problem: none of these cars are coming to the USA despite the wagon being quite possibly the best all round car in existence. We, as a continent, managed to pester Audi into giving us the TT-RS so we should start pestering BMW for the M550d. It looks like a killer car.