Lakers: Forum Blue and Gold

Founded: 2004
Twitter: @ForumBlueGold
Main Contributor(s): Darius Soriano, Emile Avanessian, R.R. Magellan, Phillip Barnett, J.M. Poulard, David Murphy

As a tribute to Chick Hearn and the historic Laker franchise, Forum Blue and Gold is all about on-court analysis. As stated on the site, these guys don't care if Kobe is spotted eating a slice of pizza in his newest Ferrari. There's no Hollywood bullshit reported on this site, like many of the bigger news outlets tend to gravitate towards. They use a lot of Moneyball NBA stats, meaning they often look at how efficient teams are with the amount of possessions they are getting. They also often use John Hollinger's PER ratings, +/- numbers and a telling stat called effective field percentage. If you want a unique look at the Lakers and what the numbers are really saying, Forum Blue and Gold is your site.