3. That's the number of days that we have left before Tebowmania is officially over. Once the Pittsburgh Steelers knock off the Denver Broncos in one of the AFC's Wild Card games on Sunday afternoon, we won't have to hear about Tim Tebow—or his miraculous comebacks—for at least the next seven or eight months. But, until then, the media is doing everything they can to suck every last little bit of life out of Tebowmania. And this week, that's included asking Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger about his thoughts on Tebowmania. His response? He actually feels bad for the guy.

"It's got to be tough," he told the Denver media during a conference call yesterday. "Every time you turn [the TV] on, you see something about Tebow. I can only imagine what it's like for his teammates. Just watching today, it's the Steelers versus Tim Tebow. No, it's the Steelers versus the Broncos, so I can only imagine what it's like for him with all the eyes and the attention on him and the pressure. It can't be fun. I feel for him a little bit...I don't think Tim's really calling ESPN and asking them to talk about him. I would assume his teammates understand it. It's a tough thing. It's the position we play."

Only three more days, Big Ben. Three more days until it's over. Assuming, of course, you can handle your business on the field and beat the Tebows Broncos. If you feel so bad for Tebow, put him out of his misery. We'd really appreciate it.

[via First-and-Orange]

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