The Broncos are coming! That's all you'll hear out of good old Paul Revere this weekend—if (and that's a big if) the Denver Broncos can manage to beat the New England Patriots in the NFL Playoffs on Saturday night. And it's all because Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and Boston Mayor Ken Menino decided to place a friendly wager on the game recently. If the Pats win, which they should, Hancock will have to treat Menino to a Colorado steak dinner and wear a Tom Brady jersey to a social function in the near future. But, if the Broncos somehow win the ballgame? Then, Menino will deliver some New England lobster to Hancock and allow him to dress the Paul Revere statue in Boston in a Tim Tebow jersey.

Now, wait just a second. Are we really incorporating historical icons into Tebowmania? Good grief. When will this end?

[via Shutdown Corner]

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