When the women's U.S. soccer team touched down in Vancouver earlier this week to participate in an Olympic qualifying tournament, they probably weren't expecting to make many headlines. Yet, they just managed to do so anyway—without even setting foot on the field. At about 8:45 last night, a gunman opened fire in the lobby of the Sheraton Wall Centre where the team is staying during their trip, killing one man in a restaurant and causing mayhem throughout the entire hotel. Fortunately, U.S. Soccer Federation spokesman Neil Buethe has already come out and said that no members of the team were hurt. But, according to the team's superstar Hope Solo, that doesn't mean that the squad wasn't a bit shaken up by the event.

"Saved by our instant yoga session," she tweeted shortly after the shooting. "Was about to walk to starbucks when all hell broke loose in the lobby of our hotel! Life is precious..."

Crazy story. We're just glad that no one on the team was hurt.

[via ESPN]

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