Rubin "Hurricane" Carter

Record and Accolades: 27-12-1 (12 KOs)
Year: 1967 and 1976
Crime: Murder
Sentence / Time Served: Life / 19 years
Wouldn't it be cool to have Denzel Washington play you in your biopic and have Bob Dylan write a song about you? Well, not if it takes enduring what Rubin "Hurricane" Carter went through.

In 1967, the middleweight boxer was convicted of a triple homicide, which occurred at a bar in New Jersey. After several inconsistencies in witness testimony and a big push for a retrial or pardon, the New Jersey Supreme court granted Carter a new trial in 1976. As with the first trial, several inconsistencies in witness testimony occurred and some of the defense witnesses even said they had been persuaded to commit perjury in the 1967 trial. The end result was another conviction. But in 1985, an appeal to the federal court resulted in Carter's release, with the judge reasoning that the prosecution had been "predicated upon an appeal to racism rather than reason, and concealment rather than disclosure." If all that wasn't enough, in 1996 59-year-old Carter was arrested in Toronto when officers mistakenly identified him as a 30-something-year old suspect said to have sold drugs to an undercover officer. Carter was later released. SMH.