Edwin Valero

Record and Accolades : 27-0-0 (27 KOs); Former WBA Super Featherweight Champion and former WBC Lightweight Champion
Year: 2010
Crime: Assaulting his wife.
Sentence / Time Served: 6 months
Whenever Edwin Valero fought, he wouldn't just win the fight, he would beat down his opponent. Unfortunately, that same mentality went into how he settled his feuds outside the ring. In 2009, Valero faced assault charges when he was accused of attacking his mother and sister during an altercation. One year after his own mother denied the allegations, the Venezuelan boxer was caught up in another assault charge. But this time, the charges involved his own wife. He then spent six months in a psychiatric hospital. Things got way out of hand when Edwin was a prime suspect in the murder of his wife in Valencia, Venezuela. After being taken into custody, Valero reportedly confessed to murdering his wife and was found hanging from his prison cell the very next day