Ike Ibeabuchi

Record And Accolades: 20-0-0 (15 KOs)
Year: 2002
Crime: Battery, Attempted Sexual Assault
Sentence / Time Served: 2 to 20 years / Currently incarcerated
Ike Ibeabuchi's brief boxing career was a wildly successful one. His 20-0-0 record, with 15 wins by knockout, testify to his greatness. But his career came to a sudden halt after he was found guilty of attempting to rape a stripper in a Vegas hotel room. The terms of his two sentences were as follows: 2 to 10 years for battery with intent to commit a crime, followed by 3 to 20 years for attempted sexual assault.

In 2001, he was paroled on the first charge, but has been denied parole on the second charge 3 times. Ibeabuchi will not have another hearing until May 1, 2012. At that time, he will be 39-years-old, and with no comeback in sight, we are left wondering what might've come of this promising talent.