Ah-ha! Sounds like someone over at BetOnline will be getting a nice raise soon. Last week, Birdman came out and said that he was prepared to make a $5 million bet on the Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI with anyone who wanted to take it. 50 Cent stepped up to the plate and said that he'd make a bet for a mill, but as of this weekend, no one had committed to the full $5 million asking price. Then, an online gambling site had to presence of mind to say, "Hey, wait a second, we will make that bet with you," and challenged Birdman to put up or shut up over the weekend.

"If Birdman is prepared to put his money where his mouth is, we are prepared to accept his $5 million wager on either the point spread or the money line of Super Bowl XLVI," BetOnline's brand manager Dave Mason said in a statement. "Birdman simply needs to go to BetOnline and register online. Then, he can email me directly and I will provide him wire instructions in order to get his $5 million in post-up funds sent in a timely manner so we can proceed with the bet. Once Birdman's bet is in, we will release a snapshot of the bet in his BetOnline.com account, and Birdman will finally have proof that he is the sports bettor who he boasts of being."

Ziiiiiiing! We like it. We really, really like it. In fact, we'd like to welcome Mr. Mason to do a celebratory Birdman hand rub. This is obviously a publicity stunt designed to generate interest in BetOnline, but he still deserves it. So, you've got a taker, Baby. What's it gonna be?

[via Beyond the Bets]

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