Yo, can't we all just get along? Like, we understand that there are some people out there who are very, very passionate about their sports teams. But it feels like every other week another story pops up that involves violence erupting between the fans of two opposing teams.

In this week's dramatic tale, a Saints fan shot a 49ers fan outside of an Applebee's in Duluth, GA after San Fran's dramatic 36-32 playoff win over New Orleans on Saturday afternoon. Reportedly, the two fans were arguing back and forth during the game and things got a little bit too heated up between the guys at the conclusion of the contest. The result was a shooting in the parking lot outside after the game, which put the Niners fan into the hospital in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the abdomen. SMH.

We've said it a million times before but we'll say it again: We love sports—but, it's just a game, folks. It's. Just. A. Game. So, please leave all of this unnecessary violence alone.

[via USA Today]

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