3. Kevin Schwantz

Injury Sustained: Dislocated hip, broken arm, shattered hand and wrist
Raced In: AMA Superbike Championship, MotoGP
Complex Says: Kevin Schwantz's racing career is filled with the kind of extremely painful injuries that would have sidelined almost anyone else. Two great examples: in 1992, he dislocated his hip and broke his left forearm during a race at Assen. After having a plate put in his arm to hold it together and having a custom cast made, he was back on the bike racing within two weeks. Then, in 1994, Schwantz had what he reckons was the defining moment of his career, at Donington Park in the UK. Although Schwantz had won the 1993 World Championship title, 1994 was anything but a sure thing.

With his left wrist in a cast from a crash a few races prior, Schwantz had a huge high-side during qualifying that didn't break anything new, but exacerbated the pain of the earlier injury. Schwantz went on to win that 1994 500cc Donington Park race by beating Mick Doohan. Oh, did we mention that he did it one-handed? The left wrist kept getting tingly and numb, so Schwantz had to keep shaking it whenever he reached a safe point to do so on track. It was the last time he'd ever win a GP race--but quite possibly also his best win ever.