10. Out With the Old, In With The New

We love guys like Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Steve Nash. They've had bigger impacts on the game than 95 percent of players ever will, giving NBA fans supreme entertainment for over a decade. None of them are done on an individual level by any means (especially Allen), but both the Celtics and Suns have lost a step and find themselves with 4-8 records. As the old heads have fallen off, the whippersnappers have risen. In this season's case, the 76ers (10-3), Pacers (9-3) and Clippers (7-3) are newbies to the top shelf. Watching young teams come together—the Pacers and 76ers a bit more organically than the Clippers—always makes for more exciting, unexpected games that anybody can enjoy. Instead of talking about the same good teams, we get to discuss new matchups and wonder "How long will it last?" and "Are they legit?" Something about the unknown just makes for better basketball. Young'ns, FTW! #notapredator