Apparently being the second-fastest sprinter in the United Kingdom isn't enough to warrant any sponsors. After injuries scared away past sponsors, James Ellington has been trying to support his training by working as an athletic trainer, but it just hasn't been enough. He knew that if he wanted to seriously compete for the 2012 London Olympics, he needed to be training full-time, yet he was short of the $47,000 needed to quit his job. To Ellington, the logical solution was to sell himself on eBay

"It's hard, but I have no grudges," he said to the London Evening Standard. "There are others who are training full-time and I managed to beat them anyway. I just want to be in the same conditions of others and hopefully I can win a medal for England. It is difficult to work, train and be a father."

Over a 10-day span, 45 people bid, raising the price to $50,500. In return, Ellington will wear any advertising or clothing that the winning bidder requests. 

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[via Reuters]

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