Okay, we're only going to say this once, so please listen up. To all of the guys out there: Stop making bets that involve tattooing another man's name and/or likeness on your body. Like, seriously. The first couple of times we saw it happen, we were impressed by the testicular fortitude it took to risk a patch of your skin on a football game. But, now? You guys just look like idiots.

Case in point: This diehard Denver Broncos fan who decided to make a bet with one of his friends on Sunday. If Tim Tebow and Broncos beat the Patriots, the guy's friend would have had to get a Tebow tattoo. But since they didn't, the guy had to get Pats coach Bill Belichick's name tatted on him. For whatever reason, he then made things even worse by getting "Belichick" written in cursive—on his back. We're sure all the ladies will love that, dude.

C'mon, guys. You're better than this. In 2012, no more tattoo-related bets. Or, if you are going to make one, make it on, like, a big playoff game or something. Not on a regular season game in which your team is a 7-point underdog! SMFH. This is not a good look. Not a good look at all.

[via Larry Brown Sports]

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